Sunshine Honey Company

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Riley - Jack Russell 

LCpl Miller

Christa Miller - Beekeeper Assistant

Bee - Yellow Lab

Christa hasn't been fascinated with bees but fascinated and supportive of Mike's hobbies and his desire for life. They have been together for 24 years and have two beautiful children who are grown and out of the house. Christa works as a Account Executive for Electric Mirror while supporting Sunshine Honey Company, LLC in her off hours. She helps the business with web design, bookkeeping, booking markets and retail locations, marketing and any other office management. When Christa isn't helping out with the bees you will find her hanging out with her friends or spending time with family. 

Mike had been fascinated with bees for many years before finally starting with 2 hives in the spring of 2004. Immediately he was completely hooked with every aspect of these fascinating stinging insects and found it difficult to get his “fix” with only two hives. This led to his need to grow his numbers through splits, successful wintering techniques and queen rearing. Since there are so many methods and thoughts surrounding the keeping of bees Mike is always on the hunt to improve his operation which also helps to keep the desire fresh. Mike also enjoys teaching, mentoring and participating in the Northwest District Beekeepers Association (NWDBA) in which he was the vice-president in 2014 and elected president in 2015. Mike has completed the Journeyman level in the Washington State Beekeepers Association’s Master beekeepers program and working towards the master level.

Bee is our 8 month old Yellow lab who is the sweetest girl EVER. She loves her time beekeeping with Mike as well as lounging on the couch!

Mike Miller - Beekeeper

Riley is our 14yo blind Jack who is the BOSS of everyone! YES! Including Mike!

Grateful to have an amazing son who has chosen to serve and protect America. He loves spending time with the bees when he is home on leave.